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A Few Words About Us

Anderstore Ltd is the parent company of a group that acquires businesses in the fire extinguisher/alarm maintenance trades.

As the group passes its 65th year of trading, we’re over half way into our second decade of acquisitive growth. During this time we have taken on many businesses and, in every case we have preserved the identity of the business in question, maintained customer loyalty and kept a high retention of existing staff.

When it comes to buying businesses we’ve the finance to buy it if it’s very large and we’ve the flexibility to buy it if it’s very small - Whether you turnover £20m or £20k, you can speak to us.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it…

In their letter of reference NatWest Bank say that:

“[Anderstore] has been known to [NatWest Bank] for five years, is held in very high regard, and during this period the Bank has supported the business in its acquisition of seven other operations.

Over recent years we have provided significant facilities to assist with acquisitions and remain keen to continue our supportive stance to this very well run operation”.

Additionally, here’s some comments from just one of the many vendors that we’ve dealt with over the years:

“I have no hesitation in recommending Anderstore to any other prospective seller. All monies were paid in full, and on the exact due date. The whole process was carried out in a very professional manner with no problems or hitches.”

If you’re thinking about selling…

If you’ve given the matter some thought and you’re serious about selling, then undoubtedly the value of your business will be one of your first questions. In order for us to be able to consider the valuation and acquisition of your business, we have a few questions that we would first need answers to. Indeed, it is impossible for us to proceed too far without this information, all of which will be treated in the strictest of confidence of course.

To this end, we have compiled a very minimal and simple set of questions. These may be found on our pre-valuation questionnaire (again requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader). Instructions for the completion and return of the document are included.

Once you’ve received the questions and information, simply follow the instructions, send us the answers and we will contact you to discuss the matter further in due course.

If you have the information above but still have some pre-valuation questions, or if you are one of the larger companies in this trade turning over more than £250k and would like to speak to us in more detail in the initial stages, then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us and ask to speak to a member of our senior-management acquisitions team.

A Final Few Words about Confidentiality

At Anderstore we take your confidentiality very seriously. You may rest assured that throughout your dealings with us, the potential acquisition, along with any accompanying information given, will be treated with both confidence and discretion as our exemplarily track record testifies.

You will no doubt notice that the pre-acquisition questionnaire asks only for the absolute minimum of sensitive information. For example, we specifically ask for customer names not to be provided. However, we accept that in completing this form you may well pass some information that is confidential and as such, we warrant that:

  • Any confidential information will only be passed to senior management within the Company, the Group and any third parties (e.g. financial advisors, financiers) as may be necessary to use in connection with this potential acquisition.
  • Any third parties will also be required to maintain appropriate confidentiality.
  • Any confidential information provided will not be used in any other way to secure commercial advantage.
Correspondingly, by completing and returning this questionnaire to us, you also agree that you will keep confidential any negotiations that may take place, except as may be necessary to be disclosed to your professional advisors, key members of staff and, where applicable, any co-owners of the business. You also agree to ensure that any of the above parties are also required to maintain confidentiality.

We are members of FIA, the Fire Industry Association (formerly FETA and the BFPSA). Click here to find out more. We've over 70 years experience with parts of our group having been trading since 1947! Click here to find out more. We are BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certified by the UKAS-accredited independent third party, BSI. Click here to find out more. We are registered with BAFE, the British Approvals for Fire Equipment. Click here to find out more. We are members of the IFE, the Institution of Fire Engineers. Click here to find out more. We carry comprehensive Public & Product Liability and/or Professional Indemnity Insurance up to the value of a staggering £5m! Click here to find out more. We are members of IFEDA, the Independent Fire Engineering & Distributors Association. Click here to find out more.