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What is BSI?

BFC logoThe British Standards Institute (“BSI”) is a Royal Charter granted body that has two key areas of operation:

  • Their role as the sole National Standards Body (“NSB”); and
  • Their role as the world’s largest management systems registrar.

  • Follow the link to visit the BSI’s homepage.

    BSI as the Sole National Standards Body

    BSI is recognised by the UK Government as the sole NSB. Additionally, the UK Government recognises BSI as the sole UK member of both the International Organisation for Standardisation (“ISO”) and the European Committee for Standardisation (“CEN”).

    This is under a Memorandum of Understanding between BSI and the UK Government through the DTI’s Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. As the sole NSB, BSI is responsible for the authoring of definitive standards (British Standards) that meet the accepted international standards.

    The British Standards are covered by copyright and are not available freely. However, these can be purchased at British Standard Online or alternatively, some libraries may carry copies of the more common standards.

    BSI as the World’s Largest Management Systems Registrar

    In addition to its role’s at the forefront of the setting and maintenance of international standards BSI is also the world’s largest management systems registrar. In this respect BSI has UKAS accreditation that, in UKAS’s own words, “demonstrates the competence, impartiality and performance capability” of BSI.

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