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This page aims to provide the reader with a brief overview of our fire extinguisher site-surveys.

The Main Standard to Which we Work

As mentioned in the About Us section in greater detail, our BS EN ISO 9001 certification certifies that we advise in accordance with the requirements of BAFE schemes SP101 and ST104 for the “sale and servicing of fire extinguishers”, and hence also with BS 5306-3 and BS 5306-8. This latter standard is the British Standard that lays down the code of practice used for the Selection and Positioning of Portable Fire Extinguishers.

A Brief Introduction to BS 5306-8

The standard specifies the levels and types of fire extinguishers required to adequately cover any given site. More complete details on the standard can be found here.

Our Fire Extinguisher Site-Survey

When we undertake a fire extinguisher site-survey, we provide recommendations as to the levels of appropriate cover as set out in the standard. Furthermore, such a survey is now also required when undertaking the basic service of fire extinguishers in accordance with BS 5306-3.

Additionally, we also normally advise on ensuring compliance with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 along with any other applicable legislation.

If there are any such recommendations, you may arrange for these very simply by simply signing and returning to us the letter we send. This may be returned to us by fax to speed the process. This is very important - click here for more details.

Click these links to read more about the extinguishers and safety signage which we may have to recommend as part of our site extinguisher-survey.

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